This policy outlines our expectations for customer's behavior. When buyers don't meet these standards, EzMonsterDeals reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Engaging in activity as described in this policy may result in a range of actions, including blocked access, banned from site, issuing warnings to customers, blocking from requesting returns or refunds.

EzMonsterDeals will look at the circumstances, including the members' behavior and purchasing history. We make decisions based on the evidence in the individual situation, as well as by evaluating patterns of behavior that create a negative value on

Don't Demand Something Not Offered Don't make False Claims Don't Misuse Returns
Don't misuse messaging or bidding process Why we have these Policies?

Behaviors we don't allow

Don't demand something not offered in the original listing

 Not allowed
  • Requesting a shipping service not offered
  • Requesting a ship to address other than what you included in checkout
  • Requesting to use a payment method not offered during checkout
  • Requesting to hold your item so you can pay later
  • Requesting full or partial refund without returning the item(s)
  • Request additional items or services not included in the original listing or asking for a discount
  • Requesting a full or partial refund without sending item(s) back, simply because you didn't read the description, review images and/or didn't ask any questions.
  • Select one of the shipping services offered when you checkout
  • Make sure your address & account is up-to-date account before you checkout
  • Pay for your item through a payment option offered at checkout
  • Returning an item in accordance with the EzMonsterDeals Returns Policy
  • Purchase items according to the terms included in original listing (includes images & description, ask any questions regarding products)
  • Finding an item at a lower cost elsewhere, by sending us the information so we may investigate the matter of pricing and competitive market value
  • Buyer is welcome to return an item, if not totally satisfied. See Returns Policy for full details.

Don't make false claims

Not allowed
  • Claiming an item was not received when there is proof of delivery
  • Falsely claiming an item was not as described
  • Porch Pirates, packages left unattended by carrier, packages stolen once delivered. EzMonsterDeals is not responsible for any packages that show a tracking status of 'Delivered'. See Shipping Policy for full details.
  • Claiming we changed the description or images, before or after shipping product(s).
  • Telling us you read the description, when you didn't.
  • Claiming item wasn't as described, simply because customer didn't fully read the description.
  • Claiming item wasn't correct size, when size and measurements are fully posted on listing page.
  • Claiming an item was completely opposite of description or not as described, when full details are posted.
  • Claiming an item was not received when it has not been delivered by the latest estimated delivery date
  • Claiming an item was not as described when the item you received did not match the description or images in the original listing
  • Purchasing the wrong size or color, or changed mind. Customer is welcome to return item for a refund.

Don't misuse returns OR refund policy

Not allowed
  • Returning an item other than the original item received
  • Returning an item after 30 days of original order date
  • Using or damaging an item and then returning it
  • Returning an item with the reason that it was not as described when it was described accurately
  • Any package returned due to non or non-deliverable address at no fault of EzMonsterDeals.
  • Rejected package without EzMonsterDeals consent or notification.
  • Buyer refused to pickup package at the post office or shipping distribution center.
  • Wrong address due to buyer moving, incorrect information and/or forwarding mail.
  • Disputing a charge, simply because the customer decides they want a refund for a product that was delivered and as-described.
  • Returning item or multiple items that were received, in its original condition as sent to buyer.
  • Returning an item with the reason that it was not as described, when it was described inaccurately
  • Customer protection when you didn't receive the item (according to tracking) and you haven't been able to resolve the issue with your shipping service
  • Returning an item within 30 days of order date

Don't misuse the messaging or bidding process

Not allowed
  • Unwelcome and malicious buying or bidding an item when you have no intention of completing the transaction.
  • Sending messages to force or intimidate EzMonsterDeals into something outside of the original agreement
  • Opening multiple accounts, so the buyer can try to achieve a low price on any product
  • Harassing EzMonsterDeals about any items posted on website or item not received before the latest estimated delivery date has passed
  • When you have already received a refund from the EzMonsterDeals or reimbursement from your payment provider
  • When you haven't paid for an item
  • Retaliation against EzMonsterdeals following a previous dispute
  • No one under the age of 18 may purchase from our site, without adult supervision and knowledge.
  • Harassing EzMonsterdeals, simply because someone else such as a family member or friend, purchased an item without your permission.
  • Telemarketing, asking for donations, unwanted sales is strictly prohibited on
  • You can cancel ONE transaction (up to three times a year)
  • Using messages to ask questions to clarify listing descriptions or terms
  • Multiple accounts on file from same household address, must have written permission from EzMonsterDeals site owners.
  • Anyone on the site can purchase our goods, but we ask that anyone under the age of 18 to ask your parents permission before purchasing any product or goods.

Why does EzMonsterDeals have this policy?

We want to make sure EzMonsterDeals is a safe place for our customers to purchase goods. In order to make EzMonsterDeals a safe place, we hold our customers to certain standards. When customers do not follow these standards will take action, anywhere from police reports, FBI internet fraud complaints, legal court suit, collections agency, etc.

*We reserve the right to change, modify or amend any policy on, without prior consent or written notice to our customers.