Tracking is auto uploaded to your purchase activity, on ebay's page, the day of shipment. Add'l confirmation is sent to your email address. However, if you didn't receive your tracking in your regular email, please check your spam or junk mail box. Sometimes, not receiving an email is typically from a spam block.

YES. Prior to final checkout, buyers can combine S&H is eligible. Once payment is finalized and sent, then we cannot combine S&H charges on multiple items.

All non-paid transactions are AUTOMATICALLY canceled within the eBay system. Please DO NOT send us payment, if you want to cancel the order.

YES, we ship products to P.O. Boxes. Be aware, FedEx will not ship to P.O. Box that is located at the Post Office. FedEx will only delivery to home, business address or a business address with a P.O. Box. location (ex.) Postnet, UPS store, Postal Annex, etc. Needs to be a physical address.

No problem. Please let us know, and don't throw away any packaging or materials. We only ask you send tell us what is damaged on the item, and send us an clear and concise image of the product. Upon doing so, the buyer can fill out the returns form. We will guide the buyer during the returns process.

Limited sale offers, are randomly sent to buyers from time to time. Buyers can accept or ignore the offer. Limited offers are sent a 'ONE TIME' price. Offers expire within 48 hours of sent message. After expiration, we will not accept any prices that was offered for 'one time' only.

If we goofed, then please contact us right away. If you think an item is lost in the mail, then email us, but only after waiting 15 days. Unfortunately, even the post office requires a minimum wait time for receipt of goods. We are here to help & will work out a solution between buyer & seller.

Each item is carefully packed. Some items are given more care than others, but all of items are securely wrapped safely inside a box or envelope. *NOTE: In order to keep costs down we may re-use, re-cycle USED boxes & envelopes.

Our company only uses (GSP) GLOBAL SHIPPING program for all international shipping. Ship costs are charged thru eBay & run by a third party (pitney bowes). All shipping estimates can be calculated on the listing page, before checkout.

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