We ship Monday, Wednesday, Friday only.

Our company's time zone is Pacific Standard Time(PST). 

Any orders received by 9am (PST) will be shipped same day on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

Any orders received at 9:01am (PST) or after, will be shipped the following day on either Monday, Wednesday or Friday.


Our company DOES NOT ship on Tuesday, Thursday, holidays or weekends.

We do not offer express mail shipping service.  Reason is ALL shipping services require packages to be dropped off at certain times, in order to guarantee express mail shipping.  Our company cannot meet those deadlines.


Non-payment of goods are ignored in the system. 

For example: If you leave an item in the cart feature, but don't checkout then it will remain in checkout until item is purchased or sold to someone else.


Making an offer, non-payment of goods

If you made an offer, and EzMonsterDeals accepts the offer, but buyer doesn't pay.  The offer will remain active till customer sends payment. If the item is no longer available, then its 'sold out'.


Customer needs to notify us of any cancellations before we ship the items out.  Once an item is shipped, we cannot recall or stop the item in transit.  Buyer will be responsible for return of goods.  See our Returns Policy.

NOTE: EzMonterDeals.com only allows up to three canceled transactions per year, per account.

Review Store Policies for full details.

YES.  All items shipped come with a tracking ID number.   All items can be tracked online.

Once orders are shipped, buyer will receive notification by email message.

Tracking is auto uploaded to your purchase page, on the exact day of shipping.  

Additional confirmation is also sent to your email address.

However, if you didn't receive your tracking in your regular email, please check your spam or junk mail box. Sometimes, not receiving an email is typically from a spam block.

OR feel free to email us for tracking and confirmation of shipment.

Delivery time varies.  We do our very best to get the item out quickly. Please understand, we don't control the shipping service time. 

Once an item is in transit, then the shipping carrier will provide customers an estimated delivery date.

U.S. Shipping is typically delivered within 7 to 10 delivery days or less.

Outside the U.S (international), can be delivered within 30 days or less.  However, sometimes delays will occur and it depends on the countries custom's office process & procedures. In some cases, international customers may experience delays over 30 days.

We recommend to contact the shipping service directly, to receive a exact delivery timeframe.

YES.  Any item in our store is automatically combined during checkout feature.

NO. Once you complete checkout, then we cannot combine S&H charges.

You are also welcome to contact us, should you have any questions:  ezmonsterdeals@gmail.com

We currently offer U.S. Post Office & UPS shipping services.  

FedEx & DHL are not available at this time.

YES. Buyers are welcome to choose an upgrade to their shipping service. 

During checkout each customer is given an option for shipping service.  Upon final checkout, the customer can choose their own upgrade on shipping service.

NOTE:  Our company only carries UPS and U.S. Post Office.  Shipping services are limited, based on location and country.  We do not offer express or next day shipping services.

YES, we ship products to P.O. Boxes & APO/FPO.


Please be aware only the U.S. post office will deliver to a P.O. Box & APO/FPO boxes.  U.S. postal shipping is the only service available for P.O. Boxes & APO/FPO.


International customers that rent a P.O. Box from their local post office in their country, can purchase items using P.O. Box.  However, U.S. postal shipping is the only service available for International P.O. Boxes.

Exceptions for U.S. & International Buyers:  Renting a P.O. Box from a retail store with a physical address such as UPS Store or other local Shipping Store retailer. Then you can use the physical address for other shipping services (ex. UPS)

Yes.  We offer shipping to Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Other Countries are currently not available for shipping.

Each item is carefully packed. Some items are given more care than others, but all of items are securely wrapped safely inside a box or envelope.

NOTE: In order to keep costs down for our customers, we may re-use, re-cycle USED boxes & envelopes.

Yes. We accept offers.   All offers must be submitted ONLINE only.  We do not negotiate prices over the phone or thru email.

Feel free to make an offer, thru the site feature available directly on the products listing page.

NOTE:  Please DO NOT message us regarding pricing or placing orders.  We DO NOT negotiate prices over the phone and we don't accept phone orders.  Our company's pricing scale is private information only known to the owner of the company. We will not provide information on our pricing scale.

We wish you luck & success.

Unfortunatley, NO - not at the moment.  Our site is still new and we are looking for ways to improve our customer service.

We are currently working on local pickup service, but cannot give buyers an exact date available.

We cannot change your shipping address, once you complete final payment.

Our company follows the rules & policies governed by shopify & credit card companies.  Specifically, we CANNOT change a buyer's original payment address.

NOTE: Its buyer responsibility to maintain & update their accounts.

We can cancel the current order, if item has NOT shipped, Customer is welcome to re-purchase item(s) with NEW address. 

Store Policies only allow up to three cancellations in one year, per account.  Any orders in transit or shipped, cannot be cancelled. Returns are the responsibility of the buyer.  See our Returns Policy for full details.

Yes, we accept returns.  All customers have 30 days from original order date to return item(s).

Simply contact us, and let us know why you are returning the item. 

All customer pay return shipping and handling charges. 

Once item is returned, we will inspect the items to verify contents.  Upon final approval of return, buyer will receive a refund of original price minus shipping and handling charges.

NOTE: Review our Return Policy for full details.


No problem. Please let us know, and don't throw away any packaging or materials. We only ask you send tell us what is damaged on the item, and send us a clear and concise image of the product(s). Upon doing so, we will investigate the information provided to us.  Upon final review, we will send notification to customer and guide the buyer on next steps, during the returns process.


If you think an item is lost in the mail, then email us, but only after waiting 15 days for U.S. customers, & 30 days for International customers. Unfortunately, even the post office requires a minimum wait time for receipt of goods. We are here to help & will work out a solution.  Also review our Shipping Policy for full details.


Email us, and explain the situation.  We strive to be totally honest with our customers.  All of our items are fully described on the listing page of each product.  If the item is totally opposite of our description please email us.

NOTE: Any returns require that the original item(s) be sent back, in the same condition as sent.

All shipping estimates can be calculated on the listing page, before checkout.

Add items to cart.  Once added click on cart to calculate estimated S&H charges.

Yes, we accept returns.  All customers have 30 days from original order date to return item(s).  All items are inspected, prior to issuance of refunds.

Review our Return Policy for full details.

Review the full details of our Store Policies by clicking link.

Review the full details of our Shipping Policy by clicking link.

Customer support


Leave a voice message, with your question or inquiry.

NOTE:  We are experiencing long delays in response to our phone call inquiries. 

If you need a quicker response, please email us on Contact Us page.

Send a message


Email messages are usually answered within 24 hours or less.